5 Easy Ways to Make Your Office Furniture Last

You change the oil in your car every 3,000 miles.  You go to the dentist every six months.  You mow the lawn every week.  You empty the trash every day.  When was the last time you gave your office furniture a little TLC?  When was the last time before that?

Office furniture is just like anything else – take care of it the right way and it will last a long time.  When every dollar counts, can you really afford to fix or replace office furniture just because it wasn’t cared for properly?  Also, think about the impression you’ll make on clients and visitors if they see stained or damaged furniture.  Everything in your office contributes to the image of your business, including furniture.

Here are five simple tips that can help you make your office furniture last.

Wipe down furniture with a slightly moist cloth on a regular basis.  Regular maintenance will help you avoid using stronger chemical-based cleaning products.
Avoid keeping any furniture, but especially leather, in direct sunlight to minimize fading.
Clean spills right away.  Liquids can cause warping or ripples in wood and upholstery if they’re allowed to settle in to your furniture.
Consult your user manual or do some research to determine the right cleaning solution for your furniture’s material (wood, metal, chrome, fabric, leather, vinyl, plastic, etc.).  Using improper cleaning products can permanently damage or stain your furniture.
Tighten fastenings on a regular basis.  Loose screws and bolts can be easily stripped, come loose and cause accidents.  They also cause your furniture to break down sooner.

ROSI Office Products helps businesses in the greater Salt Lake Valley area maximize the life of their office furniture.  If you have questions about the best way to care for your office furniture, contact us today.

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